Social organization Ukrainian Association of Security Experts

Page Membership Terms

1. Members of the Organization may be natural persons (hereinafter – the Person) who meet the following conditions:
– the Charter of the Organization;
– There are professionals who professionally work in the field of security in specific areas and levels (individual membership).
– Are authorized representatives of enterprises, organizations, unions (collectives) professionally working in the field of security and have specialists in specific areas and levels (collective membership).
– share the goals and objectives of the Organization;
– Recognize and comply with the provisions of the Charter and this Regulation of the Organization.
2. In order to become a Member of the Organization, the person must familiarize himself / herself with the Statute and the Regulations of the Organization, submit to the Board of the Organization an application for a sample,
3. Members of the Organization may choose the form and conditions of membership of the Organization in accordance with the Regulations on the contributions, terms and expenses of the Organization.
4. Members of the Organization shall have equal rights and obligations, other than those for which there are restrictions as defined by the Statute and the Regulations of the Organization.
5. Membership in the Organization is voluntary.
6. Members of the Organization may be members of other public associations.
7. Civil servants, lawyers, judges, lawyers, notaries, scholars, political or public figures, and other persons who contribute significantly to the development of the security sector and / or make significant contributions to the development of the Organization itself, shall, upon request, have the opportunity to obtain the Management Board honorary Member’s title.
8. Honorary Members shall have all the rights and obligations of the Members, in addition to voting rights at the General Meeting, the right to be elected and to be elected as a Member of the Board of the Organization.
9. All individuals, without any exception, who have a valid status of membership in the Organization, have the right to make proposals to discuss issues related to the activities of the Organization to the Board or the General Meeting for discussion. They also have the right to participate in their discussion, to give their explanations and arguments as to the need for their adoption.

10. Admission to the Members of the Organization is carried out on the basis of a written application of the applicant (an individual who has expressed the desire or is authorized to join the Organization) to the Chairman of the Organization, Questionnaires, etc. documents.
11. The application for the established form with the attached documents shall be sent by registered letter to the Organization or submitted to the Secretariat of the Management in person. In order to expedite consideration of the application, the applicant may additionally send a completed application by e-mail.
12. All issues related to the acceptance of the Organization shall be resolved by the Secretariat of the Board.
13. The Secretariat of the Management Board decides whether to accept or refuse to accept the Organization within one month from the date of submission of the application to the Organization.